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Starling Agency is proud to be Seattle’s leading agency for nanny share support. If you are interested in forming a nanny share, Starling Agency can help! 


I’m glad you asked! In Seattle, a nanny share involves two families, with compatible parenting styles, choosing to hire one nanny for consistent and personalized care. There are many advantages to joining a nanny share including economic, social, and scheduling conveniences. Nanny shares work particularly well for young children. Hiring a highly experienced nanny to manage a nanny share is crucial.


We wouldn’t have it any other way! As a proud member of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, Starling operates with professional ethics and integrity. We utilize proprietary resources, professional networks, and the expert screening methods of a private investigator. In addition, Starling aligns with state and federal household employment guidelines to ensure your family is making an informed hiring decision. Learn more about Starling’s core values.


Let’s talk process! In addition to introducing stellar nanny share candidates, Starling will seamlessly guide you through hiring and onboarding, as well as provide post-hire support. We aim to simplify your hiring experience and empower you with invaluable information. Confidential Consultations • Custom Job Development • Expert Marketing and Recruitment Strategies • Professional Screening Methods • Mindful Candidate Selection • Interview and Job Offer Support • Detailed Sample Work Agreement • Formal Background Investigation • Employee Onboarding • Custom Family Manual • Alignment with Federal and State Household Employment Requirements • Nanny Tax & Payroll Compliance • Everyday Early Learning Guide • Nanny Industry Best Practices and Tips • Ongoing Family and Nanny Support • Extensive Placement Guarantee


Our Nanny Placement services begin with a non-refundable $400 retainer fee. Once your nanny is hired a one-time placement fee is made, equal to 15% of the nanny’s total gross annual compensation. Our long-term placement services include an extensive Starling Placement Guarantee.


  • Nanny Screening: Hire Starling to professionally recruit and screen candidates for you.
  • Postpartum Care (1-12 weeks): Hire a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) or Postpartum Doula (PPD).
  • Private Teacher Placement: Hire a private teacher or tutor.
  • A La Carte Consultation: Hire Starling for information and support. Available nationwide.