Seattle Nanny Share

Starling Agency is proud to be Seattle’s leading agency for nanny share support. If you are interested in forming a nanny share, Starling Agency can help! 

What’s a Nanny Share?

I’m glad you asked! In Seattle, a nanny share involves two families, with compatible parenting styles, choosing to hire one nanny. Many families choose to join a nanny share due to their many advantages, including economic, social, and scheduling conveniences. Nanny shares work particularly well for infants & toddlers, in part because childcare options are limited during this stage. Younger children benefit from socialization, as well as consistent and personalized care from a nanny. Additionally, a nanny share offers the unique benefit of allocating the cost of a nanny and creating a village.

Nanny Share Placement Process

Let’s talk process! As a boutique nanny agency, we are able to bring your nanny search the most focused care possible. Our personal approach, exceptional candidates, and specialized service makes all the difference. We aim to empower our clients with a 360° view of the entire nanny hiring process. Some of the highlights of our nanny share placement process include: Confidential consultations  •  Custom job development  •  Professional screening  •  Mindful selection of candidates  •  Formal background investigation  •  Household Employment Dossier  •  Detailed Sample Work Agreement  •  Tax and Payroll Dossier  •  Onboarding assistance  •  Custom Family Manual  •  Ongoing support  •  NEW: Everyday Learning Guide

Nanny Share Fees

Our Nanny Share Placement service begins with a non-refundable $400 retainer fee per family. Once your nanny is hired, a one-time placement fee is made. Our long-term placement services include a free replacement guarantee. Learn more about our guarantee!
  • Nanny Share Placement: For families seeking a long-term, creative, and professional nanny. Our nanny share placement fee is equal to 15% of the employee’s total gross annual compensation. This service includes one free candidate replacement within the first 6 months of employment.

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