Seattle Nanny Share

Starling Agency is proud to be the leading agency in Seattle for nanny share support. We are happy to offer our placement and consultation expertise to help organize your nanny share. If you are interested in setting up a nanny share in Greater Seattle or the Eastside, Starling Agency can help! 

What’s a Nanny Share?

I’m glad you asked! In Seattle, a nanny share involves two families, with compatible parenting styles, choosing to hire one nanny. Many families choose to join a nanny share due to their many advantages, including economic, social, and scheduling conveniences. Nanny shares work particularly well for infants & toddlers, in part because childcare options are limited during this stage. Younger children benefit from socialization, as well as the consistent and personalized care from a nanny. Additionally, a nanny share offers the unique benefit of allocating the cost of a nanny and creating a village.

IMPORTANT: It’s essential the nanny be chosen carefully. Managing a nanny share is a lot of fun, but experience is crucial for long-term success. Starling Agency is able to recommend qualified nannies that are ideal candidates to join a nanny share.

Nanny Share Options

Let’s take a closer look at our nanny share services. In addition to our professional nanny placement service, Starling Agency offers a la carte consulting.

  • Nanny Share Placement Service: Comprehensive nanny placement.
  • Nanny Share Support: Dive deep on topics via hourly consultations or strategy sessions.
  • Join Nanny Share Seattle: The largest FREE nanny share connection page for Seattle and the Eastside.



Placement Fee



Nanny Placement $400 15% gross annual compensation 6 months 1 year
Custom Staffing $400 15% gross annual compensation 6 months 1 year
Nanny Share Placement $400/ea 15% gross annual compensation 6 months 1 year
Private Teacher $400 15% gross annual compensation 2 months
Nanny Screening $400 $4500
Temporary Nanny $400 $50/day
Postpartum Care $400 $50/day
Strategy Session $500
1 Hour Consultation $250

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