Nanny Payroll and Taxes

One of the most daunting aspects of hiring a nanny is organizing nanny payroll and taxes. Starling Agency will provide you with the best resources to help organize nanny payroll and taxes with ease. Starling Agency is proud to recommend Seattle’s best nanny resources!

GTM – Nanny Tax | Payroll | Insurance | HR

With over 25 years of experience, GTM is an industry leader in nanny tax and payroll processing for household employers. Starling Agency’s clients have consistently raved about GTM throughout the years. We highly recommend GTM as your full-service nanny payroll and tax experts!

Services Include

  • Access to secure and customized website to manage your payroll & tax account
  • Accurate payroll calculations
  • Preparing payroll checks and delivering by direct deposit
  • Preparing, submitting, paying quarterly and annual tax reports for federal, state, and local purposes
  • Year end tax preparation
  • Updates about new and changing household employment tax laws
  • Benefits, insurance, and more!

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JJ Horner – Nanny Payroll & Taxes

Local Mom and CPA, JJ Horner combines years of practice in accounting, with a portfolio ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to regional companies, to help organize your household employee reporting. JJ’s knowledge as a tax expert provides her clients with peace of mind and precious time back in their busy schedules.

Services Include

  • Registering for federal and state tax accounts
  • Preparing and filing a New Hire report
  • Calculating the correct amount of federal and state taxes to withhold each pay period
  • Preparing a paystub each pay period
  • Tracking gross pay, net pay, federal taxes withheld and state taxes withheld
  • Tracking employer federal and state taxes each pay period
  • Filing quarterly state tax returns and ensuring employer and employee taxes are remitted to the state accurately and on time
  • Notifying you of the amount of your periodic federal tax deposit so you can remit payment to the IRS accurately and on time
  • Preparing, filing, and distributing Forms W-2 and W-3 to you and the Social Security Administration
  • Providing data needed to prepare Schedule H to accompany your personal federal income tax return
  • Responding to IRS and state requests and inquiries

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