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One of the most daunting aspects of hiring a nanny is managing nanny payroll and taxes. Starling Agency will help you set up nanny payroll and taxes with ease!


Great question! The “nanny tax” is comprised of a combination of taxes you withhold from your nanny and the taxes you pay as the employer. Both parties benefit from proper tax reporting. For example, employers may be eligible for tax breaks to offset the cost of taxes. Additionally, your nanny will qualify for critical short and long-term benefits. Win-win! 


This is a case for experts! Household payroll has many unique and nuanced laws, specific regulations, exceptions, and exemptions that differ from corporate or private business payroll. Household payroll requires proficiency with federal and state agencies as well as expertise in household employment laws. Payroll calculations and related taxes aren’t necessarily difficult; however, the recordkeeping, filing, and payment responsibilities are significant.

Because of the evolving employment requirements and time commitment, many household employers contract professional payroll services to handle the process. Household employers are ultimately responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of payroll calculations and related taxes, so we urge you not to overlook the benefits of working with household payroll experts.


Let’s talk support! Starling partners with several trusted payroll services. From handling all the paperwork to filing your returns, our clients have been consistently happy with our choice payroll recommendations throughout the years. Your nanny will also feel reassured by your decision to work with an industry-trusted payroll provider. Starling is so confident in our choice payroll service that we provide clients with free account setup. Some of the highlights of our preferred payroll service are listed below. Contact us for more info!

  • Complete Tax Account Set-Up: Correspondence with the IRS and State to initiate the hiring process.

  • Direct Deposit Payroll: Management of deductions and direct deposits on your behalf.

  • Employee Notifications: Deposit notifications and online access to your employee pay stubs.

  • Complete Tax Filings: Automatic filing and payment of your employment taxes.

  • Friendly Staff Support: Account managers on standby for any questions.