Private Teachers and Tutors

Starling Agency is passionate about education! Call us today to discuss your family’s educational options. We will bring our network of professional educators, homeschool teachers, tutors, and experienced nannies to you!

Starling’s Educational Expertise

Starling is run by local childcare and education specialists. Starling is well-versed and supportive of traditional and alternative pedagogy. We seek private educators that come from a wide range of teaching backgrounds. Our goal is to help your child thrive! Starling recommends starting your search immediately to secure a highly sought-after private teacher! Learn more about Starling’s core values.

Due Diligence

We wouldn’t have it any other way! As a proud member of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, Starling operates with professional ethics and integrity. We utilize proprietary resources, professional networks, and expert screening methods. Starling has access to a private investigator whom we consultStarling Agency Nanny Seattle during the interview process. In addition, Starling aligns with state and federal household employment guidelines to ensure your family is making an informed hiring decision. Learn more about Starling’s core values.

Private Teacher Placement Process

Let’s talk process! As a boutique agency, we are able to bring focused care to your teacher search. We aim to simplify your hiring experience every step of the way, from the creation of an engaging job description to professional onboarding. Highlights include: Confidential Consultations  •  Custom Job Development  •  Expert Recruitment Strategies  •  Professional Screening  •  Mindful Candidate Selection  •  Formal Background Investigation  •  Household Employment Dossier  •  Detailed Sample Work Agreement  •  Tax and Payroll Dossier  •  Onboarding Assistance  •  Custom Family Manual  •  Everyday Learning Guide  •  Ongoing Client and Teacher Support  •  Starling Placement Guarantee

Private Teacher Placement Fees

Our Private Teacher Placement service begins with a non-refundable $400 retainer fee. Once your teacher is hired a one-time placement fee is made, equal to 15% of the employee’s total gross annual compensation. Our long-term placement services include an exclusive Starling Placement Guarantee.

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