“We had a flawless and speedy experience with Mandie at Starling Agency! Our family was in a pinch to find someone as I went back to work and we didn’t feel like we had to compromise in any way with the support of Mandie at finding the perfect fit for our family’s needs. Mandie was accessible, friendly, reliable, and seemed to immediately know what we were looking for in a nanny for our two children and how to guide us through the process. We are so happy with our nanny and couldn’t imagine life without her at this point. Our kids are so happy and we both feel assured about our decision to be at work each day.” -Seattle Client

“We exhaustively interviewed nannies from other nanny agencies before we found Starling. I wish we would have started here! Half a year after hiring our nanny we decided to start a nanny share to help our son socialize. Mandie helped us find another set of parents that have become an extension of our family.” –Seattle Client

“We feel lucky to have been able to hire our nanny through your seamless process – we sincerely thank you for helping us during one of the most challenging times in parenthood!” – Seattle Client

“The quality of care you provide to clients is amazing! Your work is so mindful – as if this was a caregiver for your own family! Your both care so much, and it shows!” – Seattle Client

“Seriously, thank you for everything you have done for our family! I feel like finding us a great nanny is comparable to creating a COVID vaccine. Not kidding, it’s life changing. So truly my greatest gratitude!” -Seattle Client

“Whoa! You really know what you’re doing!” -Seattle Client

“Our experience with Mandie and Starling Agency was very positive. Once we hired our current nanny (who is exceptional!), Mandie helped us identify another family in our neighborhood who was looking for a part-time nanny share that provides our little boy with socialization and fully leverages our nanny’s considerable talents. We would recommend the Starling Agency without hesitation.” -Seattle Client

Seattle Nanny Share

“I’m not prone to hyperbole, but Mandie found us the perfect caregiver – better than anyone we could have chosen ourselves.  We had just moved to Seattle and had no luck on our own or with any online services.  After wasting time and energy, we turned to Starling and they found our caregiver almost instantly by listening to our needs, values, and vision for care and found us someone who is already virtually family. Starling’s work was top notch, worth every penny, and I would use them again in an instant.” –Seattle Client

“I worked with Starling Agency to find nanny care for our 2-month old baby girl. I was immediately set at ease as the Starling Agency walked me through the process of finding a nanny in the Seattle area. Before, during, and after the search, they were a great resource on all things nanny related – – especially on crafting the right nanny contract for our specific needs. All of the candidates sent our way were amazing, highly trained professionals. The nanny we hired is not just someone who cares for our baby – – she is truly a part of our family. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her! And, we wouldn’t have found her if it were not for Starling Agency. Starling Agency has not only mastered connecting families with well-qualified nannies, but also effectively communicating with a wide range of personality types. It was an absolute pleasure working with the highly professional team at Starling Agency. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. That is the highest compliment I can give.” -Seattle Client

“Starling Agency was a godsend for us, as we were new to Seattle and needed a nanny for our two young children ASAP. Not only did Mandie “get” the person we were looking for, she found the perfect candidate in less than a week: experienced, unflappable, flexible, and just fun to be around. So now we have a great nanny and the peace of mind that she comes thoroughly vetted– all with only one meeting with Mandie and an hour of interviews.” -Seattle Client

“I wanted to tell you what a STAR our teacher has been. The kids are really thriving in their pod school and we’re convinced that we 100% made the right decision. Thank you so much!” -Seattle Client

“After managing our own nanny search, I decided to use Starling Agency to screen our potential candidate and I am so glad that Mandie helped me through every step of the process. She was incredibly helpful and professional and often times answering my myriad of questions at all times of the day! Mandie has a very personal approach, and she gave me a lot of confidence that we were hiring the right person to become a part of our family. I can’t recommend Starling Agency enough and look forward to working with Mandie again should the need arise for us to find another nanny in the future.” -Seattle Client

“We had a wonderful experience working with Mandie. We were moving to Seattle from out of state and over the holidays with our two-year-old daughter. Mandie was very good at handling the ‘long-distance’ situation. She set up several conversations with us to get to know us and our specific needs and began matching us with nanny candidates immediately, before we even arrived in Seattle. She kept a close eye on things as we met with nanny candidates and followed up with us and each candidate after every meeting. She approaches this process from both sides, representing both the needs of the parents and children and the needs of the nanny to ensure that a good match is made. Mandie helped us find our wonderful new nanny who not only fits well into our family but is really making our daughter thrive in her new world in Seattle. Above and beyond the nanny search, Mandie made us feel very welcome, sharing lots of useful information about our neighborhood and its resources based on her many years of experience working and teaching nearby. We couldn’t have done this transition without her.” -Seattle ClientAssociation of Premier Nanny Agencies

“I have been so impressed by Starling Agency and your dedication – how you have grown your company over the years and how you seek to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.” -Katie Provinziano, The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies

“Thanks Mandie! This process with you has been seamless, and a pleasure!” Seattle Client

“Starling wants the best for both families and nannies. You are truly one of the most resourceful, supportive agencies I have partnered with and I recommend you to others often.” -Seattle Nanny

“Starling Agency made the process so smooth for me as a nanny. Mandie was there to assist in every way and made what seemed impossible, possible. She introduced me to an amazing family that I clicked so well with. As a nanny of 8 years this is by far my best experience with any nanny agency and I would highly recommend using their services.” -Seattle Nanny

“You know the agency is amazing when two years after you leave Seattle you STILL miss Starling!” -Seattle Nanny

“Starling Agency was a pleasure to work with and they really strive to connect nannies and families together. Mandie and Kiki are the sweetest people and always make time to chat about any concerns. I felt respected and welcomed into their agency. Truly kind and caring people.” –Seattle Nanny

“We love her. From the moment I met Mandie, I could tell that this was someone who was kind, caring, patient, and who loved children. All of that has proven true over time. You can tell that Mandie cares deeply about your children and understands how to support them. Aside from exuding positivity and kindness, Mandie also knows her stuff. She takes care and seriousness to her work at Starling. Every time I have talked with Mandie about my kids, I have come away confident in her instincts and ideas. I promise you that if you work with Mandie, you will be working with someone who is invested in your child’s well-being. It isn’t just about finding a person to care for your children, it’s about finding the right person; I know that Mandie will do that for each and every family she works with.”  -Seattle Client

“I had such an amazing experience working with Starling! They truly understood my needs as a nanny and connected me with the perfect family. I would recommend Starling to anyone in search of a new family or a new nanny.” -Seattle Nanny

“Mandie and Starling Agency were focused, so considerate, detailed and found an absolutely wonderful family for me to work with… I definitely would seek out her agency again!” -Seattle Nanny

cranelogo[grey]“The reason for choosing Mandie to match your family with their nanny is simple. She has a unique blend of caring for children while keeping very open lines of communication with parents. She is incredibly accessible both, literally and figuratively, which I find imperative when my children are involved! Her obvious love for childhood education and nurturing coupled with her savvy business sense deems her the perfect hybrid for coupling families with nannies. She also has very cool hair!”  –Seattle Client

“Mandie and Kiki at Starling Agency were a dream to work with- excellent communication, easy non-intimidating application and negotiation process, and just generally kindhearted people. I have just wrapped up my first week on the job and LOVE it so far. I have worked with other agencies in the Seattle area in the past, and Starling is by far the best experience I’ve had. I felt supported and respected through the whole process, and absolutely recommend them to both nannies and families. Thank you Mandie and Kiki!” -Seattle Nanny

As a mom and a teacher, I would like to express my appreciation for Starling Agency’s dedication to the children in our community. As the director of Starling Agency, Mandie is able to use her years of experience working with children & families to seek the best individual who will fit the needs of the whole family. She runs Starling Agency with passion and an exemplary attention to detail. I trust her implicitly, and highly recommend your family choose Starling Agency when seeking an outstanding and trustworthy nanny.” -Seattle Client

“Our nanny is truly a treasure! We’ve appreciated your help so much. We couldn’t have done this without Starling!” -Seattle Client

Nanny Selection Process - Seattle Nanny Agency“Starting off as a Nanny in a new city can be difficult but that was not the case with Mandie at Starling Agency, she matched me with the perfect fit. Her talent and love for this work is admirable.” -Seattle Nanny

“Ms. Mandie is truly committed with not only her big heart, but her creative mind to doing what’s right for your family. She instinctively understands the many dynamics of adult-child-family relationships and I trust her opinion. She observes, listens and then communicates her opinions with thoughtfulness, humor & professionalism.”  -Seattle Client

“My experience with Starling Agency has been wonderful! They were able to match me with a family that fit my preferences and I am so grateful!” -Seattle Nanny

“This job has been such a heart warming experience with lots of room to learn and grow. Thank you for helping me find this wonderful family!” -Seattle Nanny

“Amazing service and wonderful employees that truly care about finding the right connections between nannies and families!” -Seattle Nanny

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