A La Carte Nanny Consultation

Starling Agency is available to consult with nanny employers! Hourly consultations and strategy sessions are available via phone and Zoom. Our nanny consultation service is available nationwide.

1 Hour Nanny Consultation

Starling Agency is available to help with any topic you’d like to explore. Private consultations are 1 hour in length via phone or Zoom. Previous topics: Compensation packages  •  Confidentiality and social media  •  Collaborating on behavior management  •  Onboarding  •  Annual contract negotiations  •  Traveling with your nanny •  Nanny shareStarling Agency Nanny Seattle development  •  Respectful termination or transition plan  •  Postpartum caregiver options  •  Nanny vs. daycare  •  Market and industry standards  •  Nanny maternity leave

Nanny Strategy Session

Are you experiencing a pain point as a nanny employer? Contact Starling if you would like to explore a new perspective. Our 3-point strategy session will include best practices and mindful solutions: (1) Introduction to your topic. (2) 1-hour focused meeting via phone or Zoom. (3) Presentation of custom recommendations and resources.

A La Carte Fees

Let’s take a closer look at our A La Carte options! Fees are non-refundable and due prior to the session.

  • 1 Hour Nanny Consultation: Dive deep on focused nanny topics. Available nationwide. Starling’s consultation fee is $250 per hour. 
  • Nanny Strategy Session: Personalized employer recommendations and resources. Starling’s strategy session is a flat rate of $500.

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