Nanny Placement Service

Starling Agency has been recognized as a leader in the nanny industry by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, Red Tricycle, ParentMap, and Nanny Magazine. At Starling, we believe your family is worth the time and effort it takes to hire a nanny using a thorough and skilled process. Our expertise adds a layer of protection to help ensure you’re making informed and lawful hiring decisions. 

Starling Agency Expertise

Starling is run by local childcare and education specialists. We utilize proprietary resources, professional networks, and expert screening methods. Our personal approach and attention to detail throughout the hiring process is unmatched. We love knowing our clients have had a seamless hiring experience. The majority of our clients are recommended by word-of-mouth, which is a testament to our successful process.

Educated Nannies Helping Children Learn and Grow

We Believe In:

  • Fostering curiosity
  • Nurturing cognitive development
  • Empowering a sense of self
  • Being present and engaged
  • Sparking a love for learning
  • Encouraging authenticity and kindness

Nanny Placement Process

  • Evaluate your childcare needs and goals
  • Research our nanny roster and more for highly-qualified matches
  • Conduct nanny and reference interviews
  • Provide professional bios of all promising nanny matches
  • Provide one formal background investigation dossier
  • Provide household employment dossier
  • Refer you to the best resources for nanny payroll and taxes
  • Provide counsel and mediation whenever necessary
  • Provide highly skilled on-call nannies to assist with back-up or date night childcare

Due Diligence

Starling Agency has direct access to a private investigator whom we consult with early in the recruiting process. Together we provide extensive professional nanny background reports to families in the Seattle area. We take the utmost care by investigating candidates through numerous databases, both digital and physical, using all known names and places of residences to verify identity and history. We provide an extensive, easy to read and measurable dossier that reflects any criminal and civil records found both nationally and locally. All reports are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and require signed consent from the nanny. In addition to our nanny background reports, Starling thoroughly interviews references, and reviews each candidates online presence.

Nanny Placement Service Fees

Starling Agency is proud to offer our professional Nanny Placement Service at 30-40% less than local standards! To begin the Placement Service, a non-refundable registration fee is collected. Once your nanny is hired, a one time placement fee is made. Each nanny placement includes a 6 month guarantee period. As an added convenience, Starling offers on-call nanny support for our placement clients. Whether you need to schedule a date night nanny or your regular nanny calls in sick, Starling can help!

Custom Staffing

Does your family need a bit of extra help beyond childcare? We place household managers, family assistants, personal assistants, estate managers, estate staff, personal care assistants, private chefs, and housekeepers. Each Custom Staffing Placement requires, a non-refundable registration fee. Once your placement is finalized a one time fee is made. Each Custom Staffing Placement includes a 6 month guarantee period and on-call support.

Temporary Nanny (1-8 weeks)

Are you looking for a temporary nanny? To begin the Temporary Service, a non-refundable registration fee is collected. Once your temporary nanny is hired, a one time final placement fee is made.



Placement Fee


On Call

Nanny Placement $400 14% gross annual salary 6 months 1 year
Nanny Screening $400 $1500
Custom Staffing $400 15% gross annual salary 6 months 1 year
Temporary Nanny $400 $1500

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