Nanny Placement Service

Starling Agency is a stellar nanny placement service proudly serving Greater Seattle and the Eastside. We specialize in referring nannies that are passionate about helping children learn and grow.

We Believe In

  • Fostering curiosity
  • Nurturing development
  • Creativity and wonder
  • Celebrating kindness

  • Empowering a sense of self
  • Honoring individuality
  • Being present and engaged
  • Knock-knock jokes

  • Sparking imagination
  • Supporting neurodiversity
  • Encouraging authenticity
  • Building community

What makes Starling Agency special?

We’re glad you asked! Since 2011, Starling has been a trusted leader in the private childcare and education communities. As a boutique nanny agency, we are able to bring your nanny search the most focused care possible. Starling’s directors personally seek out professional nannies with backgrounds in education and child development. We aim to empower our clients with a 360° view of the entire nanny hiring process. Our personal approach, exceptional candidates, and specialized service makes all the difference!

Starling Agency has been recognized as a leader in the nanny industry by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, International Nanny Association, Red Tricycle, and ParentMap. The majority of our clients are recommended by word-of-mouth, which is a testament to our successful placements.

Due Diligence

We wouldn’t have it any other way! At Starling, we believe your family is worth the time and effort it takes to hire a nanny using a thorough and skilled process. We utilize proprietary resources, professional networks, and expert screening methods. Starling Agency has direct access to a private investigator whom we consult with during the interview process. Our partners provide Starling clients with a professional background investigation. All reports are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and require signed consent. Additionally, Starling Agency is proud to partner with a nationwide team of household employment professionals to help ensure your family is making an informed and lawful hiring decision.

Nanny Placement Process

In addition to dedicated support from Starling’s team, your nanny placement process will include:

  • Confidential consultations
  • Custom job description
  • Professional screening
  • Mindful selection of candidates
  • Formal background investigation
  • Complete household employment dossier
  • Detailed sample nanny work agreement
  • Health & safety agreement
  • Detailed tax compliance dossier
  • Employee onboarding assistance
  • Custom family manual
  • Ongoing counsel and mediation
  • 6 month replacement guarantee
  • NEW: Everyday Learning Guide
    • Now included with our placement service is a helpful resource for both parents and nannies, developed by Starling’s founder/professional educator. Our guide will help your team nurture curious minds!

Nanny Placement Options

Let’s take a closer look at the services, fees, and guarantee periods. Each service begins with a non-refundable registration fee. Once your nanny is hired, a one-time placement fee is made. See below for guarantee timelines.

  • Nanny Placement: Ideal for families seeking a long-term creative, dedicated, and professional nanny.
  • Custom Household Staffing: For families seeking additional help beyond childcare. We place household managers, family assistants, personal assistants, estate managers/staff, and private chefs.
  • Temporary Nanny (1-8 weeks): For families seeking nanny support for a short period of time.
  • Postpartum Care (1-12 weeks): Ideal for families seeking support during the newborn phase. We place Newborn Care Specialists (NCS), Postpartum Doulas, and more.



Placement Fee



Nanny Placement $400 15% gross annual compensation 6 months 1 year
Custom Staffing $400 15% gross annual compensation 6 months 1 year
Nanny Share Placement $400/ea 15% gross annual compensation 6 months 1 year
Private Teacher $400 15% gross annual compensation 2 months
Nanny Screening $400 $4500
Temporary Nanny $400 $50/day
Postpartum Care $400 $50/day
Strategy Session $500
1 Hour Consultation $250

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