About Starling

Welcome to Starling! We are a stellar nanny placement agency proudly serving Greater Seattle and the Eastside. Starling nannies are passionate about education and child development! We represent professional nannies, private teachers, newborn care specialists, household managers, family assistants, personal assistants, and more.

What makes Starling special?

We’re glad you asked! Starling Agency began in a small classroom in Seattle. Each year a family of Starlings arrived to nest in a cozy nook just outside our classroom window. The students observed the hatchlings with joy and curiosity. Like the students and hatchlings, Starling Agency grew year by year. Starling continues to be inspired by the wonderment that unfolds as we learn and grow together. Learn more about our origin and commitment to early learning!

Our directors personally select professional nannies with a passion for education and child development.Starling Agency Nanny Seattle This is what we love and it shows! The majority of our clients are recommended by word-of-mouth, which is a testament to our successful nanny placements. 

We Believe In

Fostering Curiosity  •  Nurturing Development  •  Creativity & Wonder  •  Celebrating Kindness  •  Encouraging Authenticity  •  Knock-knock Jokes  •  Supporting Neurodiversity  •  Building Community

Placement Services

Let’s take a closer look at placement options! Our long-term placement services include an exclusive Placement Guarantee

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