Why choose an APNA-approved nanny agency?

Add a layer of protection to help ensure you are making an informed hiring decision, by looking for the APNA seal of approval. Members of The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies undergo a thorough review process performed by leaders in the industry. As a proud APNA member, Starling operates with professional ethics and integrity.

Do you offer a placement guarantee?

Yes, indeedy! We provide our Nanny Placement and Custom Staffing clients with a 6-month safety net to ensure you are happy with your hire. If the fit isn’t quite right within the first six months, Starling will swiftly facilitate one free nanny replacement. Our Private Teacher Placement service includes a 2 month replacement guarantee. *Replacements subject to the terms of our Placement Agreement

Does your nanny agency have a waitlist?

Great question! Due to our successful approach and high-caliber network, families will often contact Starling in advance to secure their nanny search. For this reason, we urge you to contact Starling Agency once you have decided to hire a nanny. Contact us today!

How do you find your nannies?

So glad you asked! Starling Agency is extremely proud to have access to a wide network of high-caliber candidates. Our relationship with families, nannies, and educators is the foundation of our practice. In other words, our nanny candidates are primarily sourced through professional connections. Our reputation, various professional associations, and continued word-of-mouth recommendations allow us to broaden our resources and provide you with Seattle’s best nanny candidates.

What is the difference between a nanny and a family assistant?

Caregiver roles can be highly nuanced. Find more details about each role here!

How long does it take to hire a nanny?

At minimum, we ask that you allow 2-6 weeks to find the right nanny for your family. This time frame allows us to review your family’s needs, reach out to our network, conduct interviews, contact references, and run a detailed nanny background screening.

What is the hourly rate for a nanny?

Nanny rates are contingent on the responsibilities you want your nanny to have, the number of children requiring care, and a nanny’s experience. Starling Agency is a reliable consultant, capable of suggesting a rate based on nanny experience and your family’s unique needs.

What about nanny taxes and Social Security?

A nanny is recognized by the IRS as a household employee. A nanny is not an independent contractor. We recommend all families comply with the IRS regulations regarding household employee tax and social security deductions. We are proud to be able to recommend an outstanding nanny payroll and tax service to help you.

Do you place live-in nannies?

Unfortunately not. Starling specializes in placing professional live-out household employees.

What areas do you serve?

We place stellar nannies throughout Washington, Oregon, and California. Seattle to San Diego and everything in between!

What are your hours of operation?

As a busy family, we understand your time is limited. For this reason, we are flexible and able to be reached at your convenience. Please email to arrange the best possible time to speak.