Nanny Screening Service

Starling Agency is proud to be Seattle’s original Nanny Screening Service! With years of experience in the Seattle nanny industry and a polished organizational method, we can help by professionally recruiting and screening applicants for you. Starling’s Nanny Screening Service is very popular with families that would like to care for the majority of their nanny search independently, with the addition of professional support to ensure they are making an informed and lawful hiring decision.

Benefits of Collaborating with Starling Agency for Nanny Screening Support:

As you begin the process of hiring a nanny, you may find sifting through the myriad of unqualified, unverified, and unresponsive applicants, extremely time-consuming and frustrating. Our high standards assure that you will only review the best possible nanny applicants available. Furthermore, we will run a high-quality background investigation on your nanny of choice, in order to ensure your family is safe and secure. 

How is the Screening Service Different from the Placement Service?

The Screening Service is ideal for families that need a boost sourcing and vetting applicants. Starling Agency helps make the process of finding a nanny easy by posting for your position, reviewing applicants, choosing the top candidates, and running a background report on your favorite candidate. Unlike the Placement Service, the Screening Service does not include assistance interviewing, a work agreement, back-up/on-call care, or a guarantee period.

Through Our Screening Service, Starling Agency Will:

  • Evaluate your childcare needs based on personal interview and Family Questionnaire
  • Customize a discrete job description detailing your family’s unique nanny needs
  • Manage placement of advertising
  • Critically screen experience and credentials
  • Contact promising candidates to evaluate qualifications, interest, and availability
  • Organize and present top tier nannies for your review
  • Collect and process all materials necessary to conduct a professional background investigation on your nanny of choice
  • Provide one professional nanny background report 
  • Provide consultation throughout the hiring process
  • Provide a discounted annual background report, upon requestbridge2logo[grey]

Our Background Reports Provide you with the following Information:

  • Name and date-of-birth verification
  • Social Security number verification
  • Current and former address verification
  • SORI (sex offender registration information) investigation
  • Misdemeanor and felony investigation
  • Federal records investigation
  • State patrol investigation

Screening Service Fees:

  • To begin the Screening Service, a non-refundable registration fee of $255 is collected. Once your nanny is hired, a placement fee of $650 is made.
  • Starling will also call references and provide you with a transcript for an additional $150.

Positions We Screen: 

  • Full-time Nanny 
  • Part-time Nanny
  • Newborn Care 
  • Temporary Nanny 
  • Summer Nanny
  • Vacation Nanny
  • Business Travel Nanny
  • Tour Nanny 
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Household Manager
  • Personal Assistant
  • Private Teacher 


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